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Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake State Park, Tx
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Adventure Date: October 1, 2019

Things are going fairly well if you like extreme heat. 96 this afternoon and no breeze here in the shade of the pine trees.  The Castle lost two more Walmart bags of stuff we did  not need any more today. Who knows what more might go?

The OFM renewed his Texas fishing license and Texas Parks Pass today. Now we have free entry to all the Texas parks for another 13 months. 

While he was down at the lake practicing casting to get his abilities back after no casting for five months, he took this nice picture of a small finger off the main body of the lake.

We kept hearing large splashes near us and finally located the source. Lots of the big tall pine trees are loaded with 36 to 54 pound pine cones. the trees love fools to walk near so they can have a bit of target practice. The OFM dodged a couple of them while getting this picture of the pine cones ready to go into action at a  moments notice.

One of the neat things in this park is all the use of field stones instead of poured concrete. This ditch is a good example of the hand laid stone work of years gone by.

Sure enough there are nice fungi around us. In fact this stump is displaying a nice collection of them. It is in our “yard” near the Castle.

The Internet at the HQ is working well but we have to pack the computer back over to HQ to use the Internet and sit in Sierra in the heat.  So our Internet time is kept fairly minimal. But we are finding other ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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