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GRock's Adventure

Adventure Location: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM
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Adventure Date: October 11, 2019

It was 44 outside when the OFM woke this morning. It was 58 inside the Castle with no heat added during the night. It was a wonderful quiet night. We waited until 0830 for the sun to get above the mountain and put some more heat in the Castle. By 0915 it was 68 in the Castle. The overnight low for the batteries was 12.59 volts. Those LED replacement fixtures have made a major difference. 

First thing this morning when there was light the OFM walked all the loops of the campground. Then we went to Walmart , got supplies and came back to the Castle and squared it away. Then the OFM headed along the Dog Canyon stream taking pictures. He quit taking pictures when the camera battery ran out of go for it.

Since the solar panels had the batteries back to full by the, he put all the batteries to charging. By noon everything was charged totally and many of the morning pictures were culled and edited. There was about 70 pictures left after the culling.

(GRock is the rock grandson Gavin painted to go with the OFM on adventures)
About then GRock spoke up. When are you going to take me on an adventure again?

The OFM looked at GRock and said How about right now?

Fantastic GRock said. Where are we going?

How about exploring the BLM land just outside the State Park gate where folks can camp for free. There is only a few thousand acres there.

GRock said WOW> Lets go.

So we loaded ourselves into Sierra and headed out.

When we got outside the state park land GRock asked Where is the Castle from here?

It is a white dot right up there near the cliffs of the mountain the OFM said.

So the OFM took a picture and edited it with text so we all can tell which rig is the Castle.

Next Sierra turned in to the rough entrance of an access road for the BLM land and stopped. GRock hopped out to look around. GRock did not know what to make of the area. 
What can you do here? Run nuts and have fun camping and exploring said the OFM.  OOOOHHHH BBBOYY said GRock.

Sierra pulled us over to another former road that is now blocked with a dirt pile. GRock hopped from Sierra and ran over to got on top of a big rock so the old road was in view. 

What is down there GRock asked. I do not know said the OFM. That is part of the fun of a place like this.  You get to explore and find out what is down there.

Great said GRock. Lets go. Whoa said the OFM. To go exploring you need supplies like water and snacks. Oh said GRock. Next time lets be prepared better. Great Idea said the OFM.

We turned back and headed out again on the main road. Suddenly Sierra slowed and turned into another dirt entrance road and stopped. The OFM and GRock looked down the road and the OFM said Look at that another area to explore. This is getting better and better. 

But this road needs to wait said GRock.  I am getting tired and need to go back to the Castle and rest. So Sierra backed out and took us to back to the Castle.

When we got back GRock went to his cabinet spot to rest and the OFM got busy editing the photos. And now it was only 1500. That left a lot of time for the OFM too run around in the desert taking more pictures.

When darkness finally came upon the land, GRock looked out from its cabinet spot and said We really did a great job of trying to have tooooo much fun today.

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