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Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake SP, Tx
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Adventure Date: October 4, 2019

It was a nice not hot morning as we left the campground to grab a few minutes of internet at the office. Then we headed off to get the Texas required vehicle inspection for Sierra. The place available ( it is a small town) got right on the job. They were really nice folks and did a very good inspection. A brake light up on cab was not working. They took the light apart and replaced the bulb. Water was found inside the fixture so some maintenance work by the OFM is needed. A few minutes visiting and away we went all legal again for $15.

Back at the campsite the OFM needed to get in some serious walking. It had been five days since he got his feet out for exercise. He grabbed the camera and a hat and away we went. It was starting to get warm but we needed to go what we could. The heat and humditity shut the walk down before we made three miles but it was good to be active again.

One picture we got was of the reason for Martin Creek Lake to exist.

It is the cooling lake for a coal fired power plant. A nice side effect is the state park across from the plant giving the area a nice place to come and play in the water.

The island and its campsites was mentioned before but today ole knuckle head remembered the camera so we have a picture of one of the large number of tent sites available. Here is a typical site and the ones inland a bit are like it without the water view.

The OFM says that he will not camp with a tent if he has any other choice. He wants the night time rest room very close by not down over yonder through the woods.

We took several more pictures of nice views but this one was the best one. A gentle breeze was wafting through the area while the OFM was getting the picture.

Today and tomorrow and we roll again. So far we are averaging 100 miles a day for our travels on this fall trip. As we meander our way to Alamogordo NM, we hope to have more interesting things to show everyone. So far it has been a nice pleasant drive, except for Shreveport Louisiana and I-20. It was not a great place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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