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Dark Gray Day Fun

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: October 30, 2019

The morning was cool but it was a gray damp day to make up for it.  The migraine residual was doing nothing to help the situation either. We made it out to the fishing pier to see what was what. It was not a day for fishing for sure.

As Good As it Got

Who ever that was at the end of the pier was a lot tougher than any of the Teams members. The OFM made it down to Tackle Town to pick up some new 14# Trilene for one spinning rod. It was an experiment. All the articles we could find said the reel will not handle stronger line than 10/12# test. It would be too stiff.

So the reel got spooled with the new line and we went back to the waterfront to see how bad it was. The reel listed up to 10# test on the reel.  The first cast was a cautious cast and everything went very nicely. We progressed with the intensity of each cast increasing. Finally the OFM gave up and went for the hero cast and it worked just fine. Casting distances seemed to be the same and accuracy was still decent.

So the big event for the day was proving the reel could handle 14# test monofilament  fishing line. That works out really well because the rod is rated for 8-14 pound test line.  The OFM has landed a 9 pound fish before and that is larger than he wants to catch these days. The 14# breaking strength line is plenty for our fishing efforts.  

The wind is blowing well outside the Castle now. The light rains so far have been mild but persistent. The Castle is chilling down somewhat from the cold rain. We are supposed to get down to 44F tonight and cool again tomorrow night. Then we will be much nice warm for the next several days.

Even though it has been a gray cold day we did get the rod and reel fixed up with new line and tested. Then late this afternoon and evening the OFM Art Teams were looking at inspirations for some oil pastel paintings. The OFM is getting  itchy fingers for smearing some oil pastels all over some paper to make a mess. For some silly reason he thinks that is a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.  

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