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Stickery Plant

Adventure Location: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM
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Adventure Date: October 13, 2019

The OFM Photography Team has been working hard the last few days. After spending a long time today culling photos the OFM had the pile down to 98 pictures to still edit and choose for blog posts.

Then we had clouds in the sky tonight so the OFM headed out with the camera to try for a decent sunset. 43 pictures happened but he got this pile down to two for tonight. We hope you enjoy them.

While waiting we noticed this black tipped agave plant. That was a first for us to see a black tipped agave. It was really a nice specimen so a picture had to be taken.

Now it was time to pay attention to the sunset. It seemed to go on forever. About twenty pictures were taken and only one made it to the blog. But WOW what a sunset. We hope you enjoy the scene.

NM Sunset

Today has been a very fun day and tomorrow looks like an even better day. The OFM gets to be a tour director for the nice couple that used to own The Quiet One RV Park in Rockport Tx. Now the OFM gets to guide them around the easy trails and sights of Oliver Lee Memorial SP. It is easy to imagine the great time we will have tomorrow trying to have tooooo much fun.

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