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Texas Blue Skies (update photo)

Adventure Location: Clyde Tx to Plains, Tx
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Adventure Date: October 7, 2019

It was a great sleep last night in this peaceful free campsite. Then a short trip to the Thriftway grocery store in Denver City, Tx about five miles away. The store was excellent and well maintained. Prices were slightly above Walmart but still reasonable, expecially for a small town way out in nowhere Tx.

Now let us back up to yesterdays travel.  It was a very pleasant travel day. Weather was great as you will see and plans were meant to be changed at will. It turns out the OFM had never in his memory been on these roads before.  That always makes it a great adventure. All the sights were nice and some very pretty.

The scenery was nice and slightly rugged and bright colors. This picture was from just west of Sweetwater Tx  from I-20. Nope not all of Texas is flat contrary to many folks ideas.

We rolled gently through the hills and mesas and wind farms for a couple of hours. It seems like every hill we topped revealed a new nice canyon or other feature.

When we got to Post Tx. and took a left on 380 it was more highway we had never been on before. WOW this was certainly a nice adventure. Shortly the road  climbed up onto the agricultural plains of the panhandle of Texas.

 For the next hundred miles or more it was rolling plains covered with all sorts of crops like cotton and beans. A couple of huge vineyards in select areas was a nice break in the scenery. These are huge farms measured in sections not acres.

A roadside rest area came into sight and it was time for a break and a mystery as it turned out. After the Teams got parked and things taken care of, the OFM needed a short walk to feel better. So the camera came along just in case. Yep we found a mystery for our readers to help us on.

At the picnic tables shelter areas were these baskets. One basket per table area.

What are they for? The OFM cannot recall ever seeing something like this before.

From the rest area we rolled on to Plains Texas and took a left to Yoakum County Park and Golf Course for the night. We have a nice site with water and electric. A dump point is nearby. And excellent Internet and miserable T-mobile phone.

The Castle is the white  object to the left side. We will be here about three nights to explore the nearby towns and wait for the cold front coming from the west. In the meantime we are searching the web for other things for trying to have tooooo much fun.

Oil Wells and Sunset


  1. I'm not sure where you're headed, Barney, but you're not far from Palo Duro Canyon, which is worth the visit. Also, if you haven't done Big Bend farther south, fall and winter is a good time for that, too. Search for these in the search box on my blog if you want a sense of these. http://mnills-travels.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Mike. I first went to Palo Duro about 40 years ago. I have also been to Bibe nearly every year since 1971. Don't forget Caprock Canyons while in that area. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Another nice time moving along on new to you roads, Keep on having too much fun there.