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Look at them Legs

Adventure Location: Martin Creek Lake SP, Tx to Clyde, Tx.
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Adventure Date: October 6, 2019

The OFM Adventures Teams got going at daylight today. After giving the Castle a chance to lighten the load at the dump station we rolled. 0809 put us on the road. We paused at a rest area a little west of Tyler to check out if last nights plan was still good. NOPE NOT EVEN CLOSE.

 Ahh the joy of a full timer. So it was back on I-20 rolling west to see what we ended up doing. The traffic was rolling smoothly and even going through the Dallas-Fort Worth cities went easily and well. 

When we cleared the western Fort Worth city limits we were out of the pine forest and into the more open country.

We rolled on and on since traffic was flowing smoothly. Then our nest for tonight came into sight and we rolled to a stop. Our exact location is Callahan County Safety Rest Stop West Bound a couple of miles west of Clyde, Tx.

Sierra was reporting 96 degrees when we stopped but the dry breeze made it very comfortable. It is 1907 and 82 supposedly heading down to 51 tonight.

We noticed the table legs on the picnic table are hell for stout. They are made from structural beams like we used in the chemical plants to hold up BIG things. Vandals will have their work cut out for themselves to do much damage to these legs.

There is a lot of plantings here but the best one is the Texas Sage. We haven’t seen one in a long time and this one is even blooming. WOW.

Morning starts another rolling day. We have several routes under consideration for the travel to Alamogordo but which one? We do not know. What we do know is we have to keep working on having tooooo much fun.

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