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Adventure Location: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM
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Adventure Date: October 11, 2019

The OFM Photography Team had a great chance to take pictures to prove a point the OFM pushes often. When going into the wild, wear clothing that will make it easier for a rescue team to see you or your remains. On this day a nice fellow was heading up the Dog Canyon trail. The OFM has tried this trail twice in his earlier days and it was too much for him.

This man was heading up the trail wearing a black shirt and dark backpack. His white bald scalp was shining in the sunlight.  Very shortly after he started the trail we could not easily spot him even though we knew where to look.

This first picture is less than five minutes after he started up the trail. We have circled him so you will have an easier time seeing him than we did when we started to edit the pictures.

He progressed for another few minutes and we grabbed another picture.

Then we waited until he topped the first ridge and got one  of him there.

Even when you know where to look he is hard to spot. Imagine a search chopper or ground search team hunting for the hiker if he was in danger or injured.  When hiking in the wild please always wear bright reflective clothes. It will give the rescue folks a much better chance of getting another chance later at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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