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Adventure Location: Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, NM
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Adventure Report Date: October 20, 2019

A beautiful day but a very windy night so far. We do not know what the OFM did but he is one really sore body fool today. It is muscle soreness so that is good. He met a few new folks today and wore out his jaw flapping it. His jaw is not sore because he stays in good muscle shape with it from running his mouth so much.

Any way we have some details some folks might be interested in. The Castle ran out of water this afternoon and a LPG tank swapped over early this evening. So what does that all mean. Hang on here it comes.

We last dumped waste tanks and refilled fresh water on10-6-2019 at Martin Creek Lake SP. Today we had to break camp with the Castle and dump waste tanks and refill fresh water. That means we have dry camped water wise for 14 days with the on board system. Now we know what to plan on in the future. The Castle has 40 gallons for fresh water and 40 gallons for gray water and 35 gallons for black water.

Onward we go to LPG usage. On 10-10-2019 we switched to a full 20# size tank. We have been doing a little comfort heating at night and early morning. The refrigerator runs from the LPG. About every third night we run the water heater for warm water for a good scrub down of the OFM body. Today in the evening that tank ran out. We switched to our full one and kept on keeping on.

 Tomorrow the empty will get its usual 4.7 gallons of LPG for a refill. This all means we got 10 days from $12.75 of LPG. This was in very moderate weather.  When it gets cold we bet the usage will easily double when doing lots of comfort heating. So we can look forward for about 20 days of LPG usage in moderate weather with our two tanks.

All these are great statistics to know so we can plan the trips into nowhere country much better. And the OFM Teams think nowhere country is a fantastic place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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