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Stomach Punch

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: October 28, 2019

The OFM Fishing Team did not make it to the pier first thing this morning but it was still doing the sunrise thing when we did get there.

Then the OFM went to work trying to catch fish. After about an hour he managed to catch a nice 17“ speckled trout and get its picture.

A few minutes later trout 2 hit the pier deck for its picture. It was only 15 1/2“ long but still fat and legal.

Both of them went back into the bay. Several other fishermen managed a fish or two on the deck before the school moved away. It was a fun few minutes.

For the rest of the day the OFM Teams either shopped or fished as the mood struck us. A wonderful horizontal event even happened. Things were going great until the OFM stepped crooked on something in the yard and got a twist in his left knee.  We will have to carefully let that heal a bit.

A gentle trudge out onto the pier in later evening resulted in a punch in the stomach for the OFM.  He had attached a silver spoon to the fishing line. A cast into the water was made and the but of the rod placed in its usual place right below his rib cage. Ok all comfortable now. KAPOW WHAMMM the rod butt slammed into his stomach knocking a bit of air out of him.

The rod has 20# test braid line on it and something BIG and FAST hit the lure and let go. The resulting jerk on the rod tip is what slammed the rod butt into the OFM.  That was certainly not expected. Worst of all we have no idea what it was that hit the lure. The OFM took a look at his stomach and there was a nice bright red circle where the rod butt poked him. WOW that was exciting.

The rest of the evening was nice a pleasant.  The sun cooperated and presented us with a nice harbor sunset.

It was a great day of hot nice weather and lots of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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