Where Did Today Go?

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: October 26, 2019

The OFM cannot even remember all that went on today. It seemed like from the moment he woke up that it was a really busy day. We do recall him flapping his jaws with friends several times. Fishing and adjusting his equipment took up several minutes or hours today. However there was no fish encountered during these efforts.

The day was very pretty and cool. He did take one picture while at the fishing pier of Rockport Beach that shows the bad fall weather here in the area.

What he can recall is that he stopped at Mac’s BBQ and picked up a BBQ sandwich. Brought it home and ate it. His aching back from all the casting called for a lay down and stretch effort. BANG he was out like a busted light bulb for over an hour and a half.

We are pretty certain that  the Teams must have come awfully close to having tooooo much fun today.  YAWN good night.

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