Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Bear in Missiissippi

Adventure Location: Morton, Ms. to Tatum, Tx.
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Adventure Date: September 30.

If things go as the Teams hope for them to go paying attention to the Adventure Date may be important because we will not have Internet all the time and publishing can be very erratic.

We rolled out about 0750 this morning and hit I-20 and stayed on it for about 265 miles. For those who need to know Shreveport Louisiana I-20 is a very unpleasant stretch of highway.

For this whole trip the Teams rolled at 60 mph with a gas milage average for the trip of 11.7 mpg. First night cost was $17.21 w,s,e. Tonight is $13 w and e. 

The first exciting event was in Mississippi. A Forest Service truck was in the median of I-20 and the driver was taking pictures of a large dead black bear. We bet some driver got more excitement than they wanted.

Everything rolled very smoothly both days. The new tires on the Castle behaved extremely well. It is the OFM’s opinion that the Goodyear Endurance tire is much better than the old Marathon tires. It was a good move to $wap out all the tires last month, even the Marathons that were not hardly worn.

Meanwhile we were all set up in our site in Martin Creek Lake State Park by 1430 with an odometer reading of 312 miles for the day. Here is our campsite.

It is a nice and very well maintained state park with the only downside for out desires is the inability for the hotspot to find good signal. The Park does have Wi-Fi at the check in station that campers can use. We checked it out this evening and will have to use it for blog publishing and any other internet needs.

The OFM walked down to the water this evening and tried out the baitcasting reel he purchased in Alabama. It worked ok and will likely be a very good bait fishing reel.

 On the walk back in the early evening the heavy tree and underbrush was making it pretty dark along the roadway. But the evening sun was lighting the tree tops well.

We do not know how long we will be here or where our next stop will be. But you can be sure the Teams will actively be trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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