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Got Rolled

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama to
 Morton, Ms
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Rolled Date: September 29.

The OFM and Team got rolling this morning right at 0800. The first rolling in five months took a bit of getting used to. There are automatics that don’t happen when the OFM has not been towing for a while. He quickly recalled the little things like the extra room for turns. Nothing got hurt but there are new tracks in the sand at the first corner. Over all we got in the 275 miles with no troubles at all.

By 1430 we were in our nest for the night and the 120v power was wonderful since it was 94 outside. This really nice campsite at Roosevelt State Park in Morton, Ms is quite comfortable and easy to back into.

The first thing we noticed or actually heard is all the noise the migratory geese are making. I hope they quieten down for the night. There seems to be a lot of them scattered around the lake. Here is a picture from just down the hill form the Castle.

The OFM decided to take a lake picture while he was down there since the hill is steep and high and he did not want to climb it but once.

There is not a lot of fall in the trees or bushes yet. However there was a couple of limbs overhanging the lake that had some color.

On the other side of the lake is tent camping areas. This motorcycle rider seems to have found himself a nice spot for the night.

Now the OFM is going to rest a lot since he found that the long driving hours ability he used to have five months ago have disappeared. He wants to be sure he is ready for our 308 mile roll tomorrow in search of a place for having tooooo much fun.


  1. There are no easy sites for me to back into, only sites where less damage occurs.


  2. Now that you are rolling you might ask yourself "What's the rush"? Take your time getting from one spot to another. That will be a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the open road.

    It's about time.

    1. Spending extra time in areas I do not want to be is not my style. My life long style is basically move from one desirable location to another quickly and spend more time at the desirable locations. Others have different styles that suits them. Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Pulling a 4x4 behind the motorhome makes it almost impossible to back up.

    1. I had a 34 foot motorhome for about 9 months and pulled a Saturn sedan behind it. I actually backed the rig up about eight feet once.

    2. Yes, it works well if both vehicles are straight in line.

  4. FUNNY! You didn’t try it twice! We drove many an extra mile when we found ourselves in places that we needed to change directions but couldn’t because we were towing my car.
    Have a good driving day tomorrow.