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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling date: CANCELLED

It was reasonably cool for walking this morning. The bugs were elsewhere. The pace was good and the howdys to the folks on the trails were frequent and friendly. We were making good time until we got to the spot master fisherman Theo was fishing. Naturally the OFM had to talk fishing with Theo. Here is the largest catfish Theo had caught.

That is Theo on the left and dinner on the right.

We continued on along the trail. The woods are looking quite a bit different now that they are thinning out and preparing for winter. The neat pictures are getting less frequent than in the recent past.

On the way back from the beloved turning point there was a young couple pointing out the alligator floating in the water to their young son.

It gives the OFM Teams a lot more “confidence” in eye witness accounts of things that happen. We are sure that the “alligator” will not be attacking anyone in the near future. At least they were out enjoying nature this morning.

As of this afternoon the rolling date has been eliminated for now. We will repost it when the changes have been resolved.  In the meantime we will be busily trying to have tooooo much fun here in Decatur. 

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