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Mr. Sore Body

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Mr. Sore Body  forced his body out of the bed a bit later than usual this morning. Two handsful of ibuprofen to start the day was first on the list. But hunger soon took over and he prepared sausage and eggs for energy for the dreaded morning walk.

However once out on the trail and loosened up he performed very well. Pictures are getting to be in short supply right now but we did come home with three.

We have told of the way the trails loop around and rejoin each other to let the trail users have lots of options for their fun. We think this is the most trails at a junction in the system.  Each sign is the start of another loop. At places along the loop will be other loops linked.  So it makes for a good system so you do not have to take the same exact trail every day. Our guess is that you can put together about six different long walks/bike rides before you have to repeat very much trail.

Mr. Sore Body did have to occasionally slow down for a bit and sometimes do some massaging on a spot or three. This nice bit of red foliage was at one of the massage spots. The picture did not quite capture the red glow the sunlight was producing. 

With the sore spot attended we headed on around the bend so to speak. There are a lot of bends on these trails.

Over near a slough was some grasses blowing in the breeze that had spider webs strung between them. Mr. Sore Body thought that the view was neat so he worked hard at getting a picture of the spider webs in spite of the grass heads blowing around. We think he did Good for a change.

He was a bit slow for the last half mile back to the Castle but we took it easy on him with the whip since he is injured. Tomorrow will be no mercy so he better get healed fast.  We want him full speed tomorrow when we are out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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