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Kung Fu Turtle

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM was making his way along the path in the hot sweltering weather when ANOTHER shoe boulder made its way into his shoe. He got lucky this time and a thinking bench was close by. His massive fat bulk was flopped down and then he ripped the shoe off his foot.

The rock boulder was barely big enough to see but we know it weighed over 37 pounds when it is in a shoe.  As he was cleaning his sock to make sure the irritation sock stickers was also all gone, he noticed how the ground rock powder from all the traffic on the trail records all the folks that pass by. No matter the shoe or tire or even a bare foot, they all leave a record of passing along and the OFM is mixed in it all. That sort of sounds profound if you think about it.

There is a nice turtle log near the shore in a spot. It frequently has several LARGE turtles on it. For today the toughest and smallest turtle in the lake ran the others off. It is in total command of the log as you can tell.

So naturally the OFM has to get down on his massive tummy and slither over nearer to the water to attempt to get a closer picture of the KUNG FU KING little turtle. Little did the OFM know Sir Turtle has a body guard keeping watch over things. As the OFM slithers even closer he is suddenly confronted by the viscous body guard suddenly appearing from the foliage near the water. 

The “discussion” is very short and the OFM takes a quick picture and leaves a trail in the grass that even a blind statue could follow. Maybe the OFM will be more careful in the future.

Some days it is a very interesting trying to have tooooo much fun.

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