Morning Sun


Thank You Army

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

We had a good walk this morning. Then the cool off and a fresh shower to finish the morning. A few chores and some goofing off followed. The afternoon was beautiful and warm but not really hot.

The OFM decided to cross the street and play some golf. We got in seven holes.  The other two golf holes were blocked up with extremely large groups piddling around.

About a hundred years ago the OFM was sent to Army Infantry school. In that school we spent a good amount of time learning to fall properly to minimize injuries.  He got very tired of that part of the school but it has been a valuable asset in the years since.

Today his automatic reaction saved the day. As he was hurrying to the green on hole 2 with clubs in hand, his right foot caught the cart path curb and he started the splatter fall. However the hammered into him training went into effect and he did a near perfect roll  alongside a tree in the dirt and tree roots. It is hard to roll well while holding three golf clubs, but he survived without any serious blood leakage.  

However there was a good bonk on the head by something. No cuts or scrapes were evident on his head so we guess it was the very hard dried clay. He lay on the ground a few moments counting the things that still worked. Fingers, feet, legs etc. Everything seemed to be in working order except for the stars in his vision. Sort of like the light show of a migraine headache.

All parts were accounted for and the attempt of rising began. It went well. And after another few moments of sitting in the golf cart and everything seemed to be OK, we headed onto hole 3 with a promise of being more careful.

It was an attempt at a severe splatter fall that failed thanks to the Army training. The OFM is hoping that in the morning the amount of sore body parts will be minimal.  Sore body parts can get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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