Big Bend National Park


New Muscles Again

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling date: September 29.

The OFM was given a great opportunity to relearn an old lesson AGAIN. Fast walking uses a good set of muscles and it is a large set of muscles. The first couple of weeks after he started the “speed walking” the OFM “noticed” some of his muscles were needing some training time before they would respond well to the speed walking efforts.

Today he decided to take Sweet Ride the bike out for a spin through the woods and other places. He has been very diligent on the walking so riding will be easy.

 WRONG AGAIN AS USUAL. First off biking is way more aerobic than fast walking. He was huffing and puffing within a couple of minutes of starting the ride. Keep in mind he is planning SLOW riding since in many places loose gravel is involved. So most of the ride was at a pace about as slow as he could keep his balance well.

We rode the trail along the water line and noticed it has a lot more uphill and downhill places than we recalled noticing during walking. By the end of the hour ride a new set of muscles were explaining the error of his ways to him. Yep the ride was finished with the realization that a new set of muscles were now in training. 

Now all he has to do is keep up the riding and walking to keep on losing the BIG BELLY FAT that gets in the way nowdays.

For fun, the OFM has started another water color painting.   It did not take long for the OFM to reach a point in the painting that he cannot do.  Now he is working on figuring out how to do that portion of the painting decently, but we know he will likely mess it up. However the most important thing is he is back to having a great time trying to have tooooo much fun.

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