Big Bend National Park


Trash Can Full

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling Date: September 29 again.

Mr. Sore Body is now Mr. Sore Knee. The right knee is still a little swollen and definitely painful, especially on steps.  But the OFM kept on gently moving and through the day improvements  were noticed.

While stocking up at the grocery store the OFM saw the same sign that has been there for a month and finally paid attention that it applied to him.  Time for a flu shot. So he headed over to the pharmacy and received his free flu shot. Then it was $40 to leave the store with the groceries for the beginning of our travels.

The weather has chosen our route west to be I-20 for the first few days. The camping places we were thinking of trying on I-40 were flooded when we checked on their status. But rolling is still on schedule for Sunday morning.

Since the OFM knee was being difficult we decided to clean out the exterior access cabinets. Here is the one at the right rear of the Castle after we had a big pile taken out. It had so much junk that sometimes a bunch would fall out when the door was opened.

In the picture what does not show is the medium size pile on the picnic table also.

Each and every item was carefully considered for a place back in the Castle. Many things were left from times of the past when what we did was different. With the OFM decrepitness of the last two years advancing like it has, a good bit of stuff was no longer needed. When this cabinet was finished, there was some extra room in it. Hmmm.

The stuff gone away filled an outside trash can about half full. By the time we finished the other two outside access cabinets the trash can was full and a few things lay in the bed of Sierra. A short trip to the campground dumpsters was a successful good riddance to the excess baggage.

In the Spring these leaves used to be all erect and perky and the berries all bright and shiny. 

 Now they are a good example of how the OFM was feeling when we finished the re-organization today. Droopy, wrinkled and old.

Friday is finish the get ready as much as possible. Then Saturday is go to the grand kids house for a rousing time of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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