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Gone to School

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The walk started gently this morning. The plan was to gently increase the effort as the body allowed. By a quarter mile the OFM was making about half speed and we were enjoying the 62 degree weather. By the time we crossed the parking lot onto the trail the OFM was at full speedwalk. That was maintained for the whole rest of the three miles.

But what would the ramifications be when he cooled down. As it turned out the only pain was a very mild ache in a calf muscle. Muscle aches are ok by us.  Those bone joint pains are not.

Along the trail we took only three pictures. Two were junk and the third was a silly picture to take. Here are the two grass stems arguing about which way to grow. One wants to grow toward the lake and the other wants to grow up the tree. We decided to let them work it out on their own and kicked the walk back in gear.

It was grandparents day at the grandson’s school so the Teams made sure the OFM was there on time.  Gavin was really glad to see Grandpa. It was very sad that some of the 2nd graders did not have a relative of  any sort show up. Gavin and the OFM made a point to check out some of those kids work. We hope that made them feel better. Gavin worked himself overtime demonstrating all his accomplishments. It was a great hour+ and the OFM was worn out when the event was over.

Back at the Castle the OFM flopped into serious nap position and did a complete total pass out for an hour and a half. WOW that felt good.

This evening after supper the OFM wanted a short walk so we went across the street to the rose garden and grabbed a picture of a rose for our readers for putting up with the OFM.

Tomorrow is lunch with the grands and parents so tomorrow night the OFM will be worthless again. However it will be from trying to have tooooo much fun AGAIN.

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