Nice Morning


Burrito Piper

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The walk this morning was shortened due to heat and humidity. When the OFM returned he sat for several minutes in front of the desk fan to cool down some.  Even when we took Sweet Ride, the bike, out for a gentle spin late this afternoon it was still hot. Not much happened outside for the entire day.

But yesterday the OFM went to the grands and all the folks there hit up an Outback restaurant. The food was OK but it will not be a regular place for the OFM.

Back at the house the OFM learned how to make a burrito out of a blanket and a grand daughter. She would pretend to go to sleep and her mother would wrap her up in a blanket like a burrito. Then Piper would “wake up” and figure out how to roll out of the blanket.

 It was a laughing good time.

Back at the Castle, the finishing touches were put on latest painting. The OFM is still learning but he does seem to be getting the idea in general.

Maybe this is a hint of some of the locations we hope to visit next month as we make our way around the western area of the USA.

One thing for certain he really likes painting desert scenes as a way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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