Nice Morning


Grandpa and Gavin

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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A cooler morning led to a nicer walk of longer duration and distance. It was really pleasant out in the woods.  This picture of what might be a heron was almost the only one taken. Fall is taking the picture opportunities and hiding them. 

This particular bird was not people or camera shy. It fact when the camera came into action it seemed to take a nicer pose. Then it changed poses slightly every thirty seconds or so. We chose this pic to publish.

The grandparents day event at Gavin’s school was really nice. His teacher was excellent about getting pictures of the events for memories. Here is the OFM (aka grandpa) and super star Gavin having a great time.

Now to clarify an item about the OFM Teams. Since we announced a rolling date we have had  readers and other folks ask similar questions that indicated an assumption that is not correct. So to attempt to clarify things here goes the details.

The OFM Teams are NOT major or exclusively  Boondockers.  Nor are we campgrounds with hookups only RVers. We are as our name says Adventurers. We boondock or use campgrounds as the situation fits. The boondocking capability is so that we can go to places without hookups and stay for extended times. We do not and never have let lack of one style or the other get in the way of an adventure. Having solar panels on the roof of the Castle does not mean we refuse to pay for a campsite with hookups. It also means that the OFM is not willing to put up with excessive “roughing it” when we are on an adventure.

We hope that clearly presents the reality of the Teams. And now we are going back to trying to have tooooo much fun.

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