Nice Morning


G rock's Meander

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling date: September 29.

Gavin Rock has been requesting a trip with the OFM on one of his morning walks. He says Grandson Gavin would like to see what the woods are like in this area. Since the OFM thought that it would be a slow and short walk during the illness recovery, today was elected a meander instead of a exercise walk. It was a good call.

First we stopped at the exercise table to allow the OFM to do his shoulder exercises to keep his repaired shoulder in good shape. Gavin Rock (G rock) looked close at the weights and decided he wanted no part of them.


Next we headed on out of the campground to the start of the short trail that connects to several other loops. It is a nice starting trail. Here is G rock checking out the path ahead.

Starting Trail

The trail comes out near where five other trails meet. It also comes out at the culvert under the maintenance road for the main slough that goes into the campground. From here you can see the nice bridge that lots of folks fish from for perch.

Fishing Bridge

Next we headed on down the main trail to Flint Creek.  As the trail makes a left turn there is a break in the tree line so we paused for G rock to see the creek and I-65 way over there to the left.

Flint Creek

Then we meandered on along the trail for about 3/4 mile and turned left to another slough for G rock to see the big attraction for the area. The Alligator signs.

G rock climbed right up onto the sign and sat there panting watching for any sign of an alligator. He was afraid one would shake the sign post and eat him when he fell. He soon thought he was ready to head home but he was so pooped that he stayed in the OFM’s pocket and napped all the way home.

When we got back to the Castle, G rock told me that he thinks Gavin will really like this adventure. 

Sure enough we had a monster waiting for us when we got back. It was on the table near the weights.

The Monster

G rock squealed like a silly little girl and backed into the OFM’s pocket to hide. The OFM took G rock inside and G rock was so tired he went to sleep immediately.  We hope he thought it was a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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