Morning Sun


Howdy Sunshine

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling date: September 29.

The morning was not hot but only slightly warm. Maybe that could be because we were out and moving before the sun cleared the tree tops. The longer route across the parking lots was the morning choice and the plan was to hit a longer route since the OFM was feeling decent for a change.

The walking trail came into view in the early morning dim light and down the little hill we went. It was very pleasant as we sauntered down the path. But before long the sun was clearing the tree tops and here it came through this tree opening.

The water is very calm and minnows were pecking the surface for whatever they were eating. Really it was a nice start to the day.

The pace quickened a bit as the OFM's legs loosened up. We made the dip in the trail and the S curve through a thick stand of trees and then along an open field on the left and the line of trees on the right. At the left hand turn the direct sunlight was sneaking through the trees and bounding upward from the reflections on the water. It was a nice sight as you can see.

We moved on along the tree line alongside the slough that runs back through the trees into the campground. At one spot a trail crosses the slough by way of a concrete bridge and apparently the sun thought we should go that direction. The sunlight really brightened the fork in the trail to show us the bridge route.

We thanked the sun but headed straight ahead on the longer route around the slough.  After just a short distance more the sun had climbed rapidly and the temperature began a fast rise until it was nearly hot.

 Along the way this picture was taken to show the falling lake level. During the winter the lake level is lowered a few feet.  From the lake website we found out the lake has been lowered about a foot. 

In the above picture the line shows where the lake level was yesterday and you can see where it is this morning.

The walk finished up with a very sweaty OFM who was feeling good at the finish. Tired but good.  After cooling down and the wonderful cleansing shower we had about an hour and a half of piddling with several thoughts before hitting up Lawlers BBQ for a pork salad that is always great or better. It was better today.

And that is one way to have a great morning of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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