Nice Morning


Fantastic Surprise

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling Date: September 29 again.

The OFM walked through the door to Lawlers BBQ and several voices shouted out “Hello Barney”.  He responded cheerfully as he approached the counter. Suddenly there was another of the ladies there with a Lawlers tee shirt. The OFM is wondering what is going on. Well it got a lot more exciting about then. The ladies had a Lawlers tee shirt for the OFM and they had written nice messages on it for him about they are going to miss him when he rolls out Sunday. WOW the OFM was astounded.

Then he was informed that today’s lunch was on the house. This was a fantastic send-off for sure. The folks and the OFM gathered in a group and a nice customer took our picture. 

This group of nice ladies certainly made the OFM feel wonderful. Yep it will be a special return to Decatur when the latest meandering is put to rest. This was a day to remember for a long time and smile big.

The Teams instructed the OFM that tonight is the night to display his latest painting. This one took a lot of careful effort in hopes the blossom would look good. The OFM found out that crepe myrtle blossoms are really difficult and tedious to paint. The branches were a lot of education and re-do work also.  It was done completely in watercolor pencil and loads of fun.

As you can tell this was a great day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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