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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Warm, still and humid but the OFM pressed onward and made it for three miles. Make that three very sweaty miles. A couple of fungi pictures was all we grabbed.

This one is the pancake fungus. We have no idea if it tastes good but we are definitely not the right fool to try it out.

Then down along the water was this pair of glowing toad stools. The tops of them seemed to glow brightly when the sunlight would hit them.


Then we started to get things organized for rolling in two weeks. Planning of routes, food and places to NOT miss as we meander. As we get westerly the opportunity for free camping at small Texas towns goes way up.  We plan to check out some of them.

Doing some boondocking at Malaquite campground on Padre Island is starting to sound better every day. Then in the cold weather time maybe it is time to visit Falcon State Park again. The OFM caught some nice Large Mouth Bass there in the past. 

Another option is the county park with free camping right outside the state park at Falcon Heights.  It does get down to 45 degrees in the winter so we have to be prepared for that excessively frigid cold. What the reality is that no matter how much he studies the maps and reports, the OFM can’t seem to make up his mind about anything. So for now we are looking at 3000 miles of meandering between leaving now and returning next year for more grand kid tickling sessions.

By the way if you did not know it, grand kid tickling sessions are a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun (and sleep extra good that night).

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