Big Bend National Park


Squawking About What? Updated

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Knees and hips complained from the minute we got up this morning.The extra mile of great fun the OFM took them on yesterday had them aching and stiff this morning. But by the grace of a handful of ibuprofen and an hour we were able to head on out for a slower than usual 2.5 miler this morning.

We just cleared the campground forest when this crepe myrtle  hollered at us “Great Good Morning isn’t it”. As we glanced up and around we decided it was a great good morning. Here is the crepe myrtle showing how nice it was this morning.

A little ways after we entered the forested trail we noticed a tree that has been there for at least eight years. Today we noticed that it looks like maybe years ago it had a lightning strike. The tough tree is still standing and getting bigger. That should be a good example for the rest of us.

A good bit farther along the trail there was some squawking and carrying on happening.  We slowed to a sneaky speed and had the camera ready to record our last minutes of life if a monster bear ate us. Maybe the OFM could get a picture of its tonsils. When we got to the area of the noise it was just a loud bird griping about something.  It was not bothered by us being there trying to take some pictures.

Big Mouth Bird

On the way back from the store the OFM decided to practice a bit of golf. so he got busy with that effort. AT 94 degrees and 85% humidity and no breeze he also got unreal sweaty and hot. 30 minutes of practice was about it for the day.

Back at the Castle we stayed inside with our good friend the air conditioner the rest of the day and night. All of next week is supposed to be hot and humid. YUUUUKKKKKKK.

UPDATE: The OFM just could not keep his hands off the oil pastels and now we have Rising Tide.

When it is all said and done, I bet the OFM finds some way of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.

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