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Hot Hat on a Post

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The day started as usual. Up when the OFM woke up. Breakfast, messing around and headed out the door for a walk. The old straw hat was worn this morning.  Even though it is a well vented hat it is hotter than not wearing it if we are in the shade. So after crossing the big parking lot and entering the mostly shaded walking trail we found a place to leave the hat and just wear the sweat band. That made things a lot cooler for the OFM’s head. 

After we finished the rest of the trail as planned we were approaching where the old hat had been left. We were not afraid someone would steal it since it has about 657 million miles of wear and sweat on it and looks like something the OFM would wear. Here it is resting on the post we left it on when we passed by an hour ago.

It did feel good going across the big paved parking lot during the return passage. Make note there was no trouble with the OFM’s legs during the walk today.

Back at the Castle it was shower and drinking time. Half strength orange juice first and all the water he wanted after that. OK  now for some computer time.  20 minutes later the OFM started to get up to do some cooking and nearly fell. It is hard to fall inside the Castle since there is always some sort of furniture or cabinet in the way. but anyway his left knee gave up holding him for a minute.  Once it was massaged and treated nicely, the OFM had the feeling of a pulled ligament in the back side of his knee. It has stayed with him all day today and into the night. He can still hobble on it if he is careful.

So the stoup effort went forward. Sausage stoup with Italian flavoring as the main attraction. 

The left over vegetables and some onion were used. Then the last of the brown rice was added. A half hour later the Castle was smelling really good. Now we have 4 meals of chicken stoup, 4 meals of sausage stoup and 2 meals of salmon salad ingredients waiting for chowing down time.

So what did the OFM have for lunch? He took his bad knee to Lawlers BBQ for a $5 special baked potato. Half of it came home and was supper.

So here we are with an OFM and a bum knee and he needs something to occupy himself.  The rest of the Teams grabbed the art supplies and put him to work checking which type of art medium he could do decently with, if any.

Here is the final sheet of paper  and the results. He does a lot better with pencils that brushes. The top one is colored pencil. The second one down is oil pastel total failure. The third one down is watercolor with a dark spot of abject failure where he nearly wore a hole in the paper trying to correct his stupidity.

It looks like we made decent use of the bum knee time today. Of course tomorrow is a whole new day for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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