Nice Morning


Dining Room Signs

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Rolling Date: September 29 again.

Mr. Sore Body started the day decently but about a mile and a half into the walk his right leg said to him “WE ARE TURNING BACK!” and we did. The pain is in the front of his lower leg about four inches long and a little bit below his knee cap. We are guessing a damaged body part from the intimate communion with Mother Earth. Anyway the rest of the day was take it easy day.

So what does he call taking it easy. The Castle get ready for rolling was started. The big thing was to get the on board water system purified for travel. It has been five months since we used the fresh water holding tank and its piping. The OFM likes to chlorinate that system a few times a year and today was one of them.

The holding tank was drained empty.

A half gallon of bleach was poured into the tank and them the tank was half filled. The stab jacks were lifted to allow the Castle to be rocked some to make sure the tank water and bleach mixed decently.

Next the on board pump was turned on and some of the heavy chlorination was pumped through the water lines. 
Pump off and the tank filled the rest of the way. 

Now let the whole system ferment while you go have a great pork salad at Lawler’s where they have these neat signs in the dining room.

When you get back drain the freshwater tank and flush it well. While flushing the tank, turn on the pump and all the faucets and flush the water lines also.

When the faucets no longer smell of the chlorine, turn them all off. Let the main fresh water tank fill up.

At this point the OFM likes to put the Teams into camping mode for water and not off the public water supply. That way we get back into the mode of low water usage. Additionally we get to find out if any trouble has came along since last April 28 when we set up camp here at Point Mallard.

The OFM likes to travel with near minimum water weight when we can. Since we know that due to the hot weather we will have hookups for the first three days of travel, we will be traveling with about ten gallons of fresh water each day is all.

After the third night we do not know what is next so we will start adjusting to full freedom travel mode and that is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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