Morning Sun


Hiding Out

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The morning walk went very well in the cooler air but by the turnaround point it was lite sweating time again. A few pictures were taken but nothing outstanding. Some bright yellow leaves were waiting for a picture so the OFM just had to take the picture.

Then on the way back these blue-purple flowers were trying to hide behind the tree but Mr. Sunshine caught them just in time for another picture.

Soon the pleasant walk was over and the OFM was drinking his half strength orange juice and getting ready for a shower. The shower felt extra good this morning.

Some morning shopping was next and a little was purchased but not much. Then the rest of the day was spent staying out of the holiday crowds and studying art techniques.

Perhaps the biggest excitement of the day was dumping the black water tank without any “special events”.  Basically it was a stay out of the crowds and ease along trying to have a gentle tooooo much fun.

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