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Arthritic Crepe Myrtles

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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More planning for travel this fall was done today and my plan was turned in to the campground manager. We have decided to leave Decatur in late September and come back for Christmas time with the grand kids. All we know for sure for now is we will be going west of the Mississippi River and south of Colorado.

This low morning sun made a really nice reflection through some of the bushes along Flint Creek recently. The OFM worked the camera over to get this shot. About ten shots were made with each one being done with different settings. Here is the best of the bunch.


Point Mallard Park has LOTS of crepe myrtles planted. Some appear to be so old that they are suffering from arthritis worse than the OFM. And there are a few that we don’t see how they can sway in the breeze since they look really knotted up. Check out this geezer.

Makes the OFM's hands hurt just looking at those knots in the plant.

A the last painting was finally finished today. It is a simple painting but it took f o r e v e r to get finished. It consists of watercolor pencil, regular colored pencil, pan watercolors and oil pastels. Apparently the paper waster could not decide how to do the painting in just one medium. At least he did not just give up. Run get your Alka-Seltzer so you can stand to look at it.

And now we know we are off chasing more pictures in the mornings walk again. It has turned out to be a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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