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New Trailer Shoes

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Finally Fedex got all the tire and wheel deliveries made today. That started a busy day for the OFM. The heat was not as bad as yesterday but still bad enough.

The OFM got busy changing all the tires and rims on the Castle. That is a laborious process it turned out. One tire gets changed and the OFM has to rest and cool off for about 45 minutes. Repeat until all five tires are replaced. We did make it happen.

The old tires and rims are going to the campground manager for an old flat bed trailer he wants to start using. He offered to help the OFM if he would wait until Saturday. The OFM decided to see what he was made of and started today. He had enough of the right stuff to do it all today. However he is definitely a pooped OFM tonight.

We are making chicken chili tonight for freezing. The meat is cooked and ready to be chopped up. The beans and chili sauce is waiting in the cabinet. However the chili will not be eaten tonight because the OFM has fixings for shrimp salad for the supper feast tonight.

With a little luck tomorrow he will get back to sorting pictures and planning a picture or five to be painting.

With the cooler weather less than a week away and the golf course doing aeriationg and other major maintenance this week, we expect the OFM will also be playing golf in the afternoons for the next month. Maybe very frequently even. He will be taking that trying to have tooooo much fun serious.


  1. I am impressed. That's a lot of tire changing. I'd take the next week off.

  2. "The OFM decided to see what he was made of ..."

    Thanks for the chuckle I needed!

  3. My instantaneous first thought when I read the title of today's blog was that you got new shoes to wear in the trailer! I am really impressed with your energy - all the work with the tires plus cooking, etc.

  4. What? You eat your chili the same day you cook it?

    We'uns always cook one day, then reheat as it mingles the flavors better. But then again, we're savages as we like a lot of beans and some corn in ours, which usually gets us sneered at by purists.

    1. Sometimes the same day but there is always 3 meals worth that gets frozen for later. This days chili has lots of corn and beans for power.

  5. A great day you had and nice to have new shoes for the castle. Sounds like you are cooking up a storm.

  6. Been there done that - that is a job
    the Ol'Buzzard