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Lake Amistad 45 Feet Low



Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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We made a few miles on Sweet Ride this morning before the OFM calves cried out “UNCLE”.  So we rolled back to the Castle to give the calves a needed rest. 

 During the rest time we looked up calories burned while biking and it is pretty high. Even at the OFM pace we are using a good amount of calories. So we have hope the OFM can lose some stomach fat soon if we keep him riding often.

Last night very late we were returning from a short meander and took this picture. Do you think that could have been one of the alligators folks are spotting these days?

The OFM just quit today on the latest paper wasting effort. He is getting a bit frustrated with himself. Here it is anyway and is titled Railroad Vine Blossom. It was done with watercolor pencils.

August is swarming all over us and we are working hard at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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