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Mill House

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Gavin Rock wanted to get his picture in the blog again so tonight we go back into Clarkson Bridge photos for more story telling.

From the parking lot if you head close to the bridge the path takes you down to the creek that the bridge crosses. It is nice down there and a few picnic tables are scattered in the area. GR climbed up on a table to see the main creek and the pretty scene under the bridge.

GR on the Table lower left corner

It is a nice place for a snack too. There was not many insects bothering us on this day. After a few minutes enjoying the 360 degree pretty scenery we returned to the bear caves area on the other side of the scenic area. There is a wooden bridge crossing the ravine in this area. A nice picture opportunity for GR again.

GR on the Handrail

 The puddle you can see sort of in the center of the picture provided a nice opportunity for a great reflection picture. It was very dark in this area so camera magic had to happen for the picture. Then we even had to do some editing magic and the reflection picture came out nice we thought.

Reflectio of Trees 40 Feet above us

Then on the way back to the parking lot we passed by the mill house for this nice picture.

The pond behind the restroom building provides the water to turn the water wheel. The water then runs down to the area of the first picture for tonight. It is a nice experience to visit this location. Younger kids will have a great time trying to have tooooo much fun.

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