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Excessive H&H

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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7 more days

We do not know why but the bike riding is making the big toe on each foot be very painful. Ibuprofen relieves it pretty well. Our guess is that somehow the OFM is causing tendonitis with the placement of his feet on the pedals. This will be getting some careful attention in the future.

The ride this morning was longer but the H&H (heat and humidity) was rather bad by 0800 so the speed was slow and slower until the OFM just had to give up and head back to the Castle soaked in dripping sweat. He just cannot handle the severe H&H while riding anymore.

A nice walk this evening in the heat netted us a neat picture of a bush and berries. We know not what kind of bush but the picture feels good to the Teams.

Late yesterday while the OFM was funning his jaws with a friend at the golf course this picture was taken.

We have no idea what was happening but it sure looked like smoke from a fire. The general direction was toward some of the industrial/ commercial places along the Tennessee River. Whatever it was it made an interesting late evening picture.

And last and least is the painting that flopped and the storm trooper watercolor pencils came in to save the painting. It is finished now and here it is:

At least it was lots of fun and proved that the OFM’s painting efforts can interesting and a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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