Nice Morning


Trash and Flower

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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During an evening speedwalk the OFM spotted the mystery trash next to the shore by the trail. 

styrofoam trash

Closer examination showed the object to be a large blob of beaded styrofoam. Maybe it is a chunk of insulation from the nearby ice skating rink. Solving a mystery feels good doesn’t it.

Yesterday we got a nice picture of some pretty flowers. They were so white they almost glowed so you know the OFM had to photograph them.

This evening we tried out a new set of trail loops to see how the OFM legs did on them. The outcome was very encouraging. The distance works out to a hint over 2.5 miles which is just right for Mr. Decrepit. It is also a pleasant route along the waterfront for 3/4 of it. This will definitely be part of the regular health exercise effort. Gotta stay healthy so the Teams can keep on trying to have tooooo much fun.

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