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Bear Caves

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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We made a pretty good day of it today. No morning walk but a nice walk in the late evening. We hope that means the OFM is healing quickly.

A LOT of adventure pictures are piling up so not all adventures reports will be the same day as the adventure. Some days have passed since we went to the Clarkson Bridge again near Cullman Alabama.  It is about thirty miles south of our campground. The Teams have been there several times at different times of the year and it is always a nice outing with good picture opportunities.

This day was deliberately a later afternoon visit to get some long shadows involved in the enjoyment. More than one blog entry will be required to cover this visit.

We arrived safely and parked well away from the good stuff so Sierra would not confuse the pictures. The first thing we noticed was the usual profusion of flowers around the parking area. This next picture was taken from the parking lot over the retaining wall and shows part of the covered bridge.

Since Gavin Rock had never been here before it needed to see the interior of the bridge. Here is GR going “ Oh WOW” when it got to see the inside of the covered bridge.

There is trails up and down and all around the site. Over toward the part away from the road is a cliff with a trail on top of it. Under the cliff is several “bear caves” as the OFM was taught to call them in Arkansas.

We did not see any sign of bears but we were also very careful. There is more to tell about but it will wait for a future blog entry.

From over by the bear caves we followed a trail back through the woods to the restroom house that was built to emulate an old dog trot house. 

Along one of the creek/ravines we found this explanation of how the ravines came to be. Here is a devils hand clawing the dirt and rock aside to make a place for the rains to drain on down to the river nearby.

We will stop here for tonight and continue the tour soon. In the meantime plan a visit here with some kids and everyone try to have tooooo much fun.

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