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Number 73 Has Arrived

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The Day
Thank you to the MANY folks who wished the OFM Happy Birthday.

Today is the day that the OFM starts his 73rd year revolving the sun. It started with a walk in the shade of the trees but with a 78 degree temperature, high humidity and ZERO breeze.  He managed to make a mile and a half before he just had to come into the AC. Good grief it was miserable.

 So he did more attempts at planning a rolling of the Teams back westward. The temps all over the areas in consideration are running 10+ degrees hotter than average. Which means we need to wait a couple weeks to see how things change with the weather.

The usual birthday call came in from his son. It was a special call since grandaughter Piper talked to him on the phone for the first time. The OFM loved it.

Then the OFM and his son talked of some family matters and got things worked out really well. No problems just needed time to organize some stuff.

The biggest item for the OFM got solved during the discussions. We are going to have a major change from the previous 12 years and spend at least December and January here in grandkid land. According to his son and they get cold here but normally a good frost is the worst precipitation. Overnight freezing is normally 31 degrees for a couple of hours is all. BUT they seldom have any breeze even to give wind chill AND the area does not stay as wet as when it is hot enough to make the swamp steam. 

The OFM even thinks he will be able to sneak in a visit in December. January is open weekends month so he will be able to get in some serious grandkid time that month. We think the OFM is going to have a wonderful winter time this year.

The OFM is oozing excitement over this new plan. He is oozing so much the excitement is running across the floor of the Castle. Can you imagine how exciting it can get when it is Christmas time and an old fat grandpa and two grandkids are all trying to have tooooo much fun?

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