Nice Morning


Time to REST

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

Today was an unreal busy day with lots of things popping up that needed to be handled. The morning 3+ mile walk was decent since we had some cooler air for 3/4 of it. The OFM made it back and cooled off before his shower. Then it was to the stores and a little other running around. Nothing was bought at the stores.

Hit up Lawlers BBQ for a super stuffed baked potato at lunch. Half eaten then and half eaten for supper. WOW that was good.

A sudden decision after checking the temps in New Mexico was to extend in Decatur for another month. So that money is now gone to the campground.

During some research of the OFM Teams history it was decided to capture some of the pics that had been posted in old blog entries for future paintings. We now  have about a hundred pics to be sorted and cataloged.

Suddenly it was supper time and then examine the latest purchase of oil pastels that arrived today. They seem good and we hope the OFM can handle them.

And now the OFM Teams are ready for a restful evening to be ready for another day of trying to have tooooo much fun.  Phewwww......

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