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Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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It was nice and cool early this morning. Thank goodness the OFM woke early and we got off to an early start on the walk. A tee shirt and shorts was a bit less than the desired clothing but a half mile later it was plenty.

On into the trail along the creek section it was obvious that fall was starting its approach to the area. We are not high elevation here at 577 feet but the area seems to get into fall mode earlier thn the Teams expect it every year. Here is some of the evidence of fall style starting. Lots of leaves hitting the ground these days.

Our current campsite is positioned so every vehicle coming into the campground stops at the stop sign we can see from the Castle.

After the walk this morning the OFM was not feeling just right. He got finished with his shower and we were planning any shopping needed doing when a migraine hit again. So most of the day after 1100 was slow motion with a good nap mid afternoon.

Later we were piddling looking at pictures the OFM had taken in the last month and this one showed up. When this is your view of the golf green after your “30 yard approach shot” from the fairway, you need help with your swing.

The city truck just finished doing an insect killing fogging of the campground. It is nice to not have lots of bugs to fight when being outside here at the Castle. 

The long walk was nice this morning and after the migraine attack eased off we tried our best to have tooooo much fun planning a new art effort.

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