Nice Morning


A Matrix Chart

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The Teams woke up to raindrops on the roof and had raindrops on the roof all day.  So we got the OFM to at least run the vacuum cleaner in the Castle. Then he spent a lot of time considering where to go if we leave here. Next he spent a lot of time organizing a bunch of art items and making an art materials matrix chart.

Across the top is the different art materials he uses like Watercolor Pencil. Down the side is the different brands and model of paper he uses.  Then he logged in reviews he has made over the last few years of his likes and dislikes. The reviews went into the intersection boxes such as this.
                        Colored Pencil        watercolors      
Ajaz Paper           good                      not good

When he was all done he can use the information so he will no longer use the wrong paper for an art medium due to his horrible memory.  We think it will be a worthwhile  improvement.

How about a few pictures from the last weeks walks. This is a spider web on a limb that is already showing fall is arriving here in north Alabama.

At another spot the OFM thought he saw a cat swimming in Flint Creek. We could not be sure so a picture was taken. It did not move while we watched it.

Cat in the creek?

When we came back by that spot on the way back to the Castle the cat? was no longer there. So we still do not know what it was.

Now that darkness is coming a lot earlier in the evening we get to take some late evening pictures once in a while. We thought this was a nice soothing evening picture to finish a day.

All in all it was a day of gently trying to have toooo  much fun.

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