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Piddle Picture

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM got in a great walk this morning and took about 30 pictures. His shutter finger went berserk apparently. After cooling off and a nice cool shower we headed to Walmart for a couple of things. Labor Day Weekend is coming and we want to stay out of the stores for the weekend.

As we were looking for a kneadable eraser the OFM spied the NEW AND IMPROVED Daler Rowney Oil Pastels that were in stock. The old models did not smear easily and were difficult to manipulate.  Looking at them sealed in plastic they had a softer feeling. They are very cheap at about $7 for a box with 25 different colors. So he took a box home with us and the other junk he bought.  

After the sandwich lunch he opened the oil pastels and noticed right away they were softer. That is a good thing. So he made a few marks on a piece of note paper. Then a few more marks. Then there was a little painting. We named it Piddle Painting.

Crepe Myrtle Blossom

To show how small it is here is the OFM holding the note sheet. Look carefully at the painting and you can see the notes that were not erased good enough.

Well that was enough to get him going on another painting. It was thunder, lightning, and rain outside so he relaxed and smeared oil pastels enough to waste and entire piece of good art paper.  He is great at paper wasting , you know.   Any way after about three hours the nasty weather quit and so did the OFM. 

For your amusement and hysterical groaning is West Texas Sunset.

It made a nice afternoon that was followed with the homemade shrimp salad and root beer. That is a fine ending to a nice day of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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