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Busting Out


New Glasses Finally

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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Fairly early the phone message came in that the OFM’s new glasses were ready to be fitted and picked up. Pretty quick we go over there and thirty minutes of fitting went by and we were gone. Most of the change was in his bad left eye. It will not now come back to 20/20 with glasses but will get to 20/27? Anyway the new frames were chosen to be lighter and they are. He is still getting used to them but we all agree he is seeing slightly better all around.

On a trip up to the office today the blue flowers near the door were doing a good job of greeting folks.

They bloom heavily every morning and last until later evening. Then all the flowers fall off and new buds get ready for the next day. They are a pretty flower.

The morning bike ride went well. It was about 45 minutes of nice riding. The OFM exercises different than most folks. He has found that his body tells him how fast to go that will mostly not give him injuries. 

The speed is go as fast as he moves into deep breathing and hold that pace for at least thirty minutes every day the weather lets you get out. That way it does not matter if he is riding a bike or speed walking or skateboarding or paddling a yak he gets a good amount of aerobic exercise for the day. It does not matter how far he goes but only that he stays in deep breathing mode for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Why is there no art going on? Well there sort of is. The 100+ photos that have accumulated in the FUTURE PAINTING locker are in the process of being sorted and culled. The chore is nearly finished.

Tomorrow the second shipment of new tires for the Castle is due in. The last tire is due in a few days later. Once we get them all on the Castle, the Castle is ready to roll. Sierra will be getting a new oil change before we leave and it will be ready to roll.

 For now the plan is roll after the Labor Day weekend and before September 28. We do not know where we are going beyond Westward. We expect westward to be a great place for trying to have tooooo much fun everyday.

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