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Grand Canyon Pictures

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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If you would like to see some current great pictures of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, then check out this nice blog site  He is work camping there on the north rim for a couple of months.

The grapes in the area are starting to ripen and fall to the ground. So far the OFM has not had a wayward grape hit him in the head this year, but it will likely happen. This little strip of grapes on the walking path is right across the street from the campground. It was a little juicy there this afternoon.

On one of the trails along the lake/creek is a few trees with unique bark. The OFM had not paid attention to the trees like this one before but on this day he was getting a 458 pound boulder out of his shoe and leaning on the tree when he spied the unique bark style.

It will definitely catch your attention when you stop for a moment and pay attention.

With a little luck we will have pics tomorrow night of the OFM and the grands trying to have tooooo much fun.

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