Nice Morning


Lucky Day at Lawlers BBQ

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama

It was a slow awakening this morning and some sore joints and muscles reminded me of the work yesterday. Yep squatting and lifting and handling 75 pound tires and rims is not a good normal activity for our OFM. A morning walk did not happen sort of.

 He headed to Walmart for some shopping and spent over an hour there trying to find several things they did not have. One thing hit him by surprise. It has been over two decades since he needed to buy a wedding anniversary card! He has not a clue as to why that popped into his head.

On the way back to the Castle we pass close to a neat toy store named Hobby Lobby. Whizz we went right into the parking lot. Zoomed inside to meander around. Really we went into the store to check out about matting pictures in frames. After a lot of looking we took a vote and decided we would be better off researching it on the Internet.

 When we got home to the Castle that proved to be correct. As usual we found out that there is several things to pay attention to for good results. Now the OFM is somewhat educated in putting some of his “art” work on display with decent framing.

And then it was lunch time and Lawlers BBQ was a couple of blocks away. Good fortune was with us. The cook got the order wrong. Pork instead of beef. So they fixed it by wrapping the Pork sandwich up and putting it in a bag to carry home. Then a fresh beef sandwich was prepared and given to the OFM to eat at the BBQ place.

It was home to the Ibuprofen bottle since the OFM was aching pretty badly. A dose of ibuprofen and a three hour nap came next. When the OFM awoke he was doing much better. So he went to studying about framing art etc.  There was a lot more to learn that turned out to be very interesting.

So here we are at 1930 in the evening with darkness almost here writing the blog entry about a day that started slow, did not get much faster but turned out to be a pretty good easy-going day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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