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Lake Amistad 45 Feet Low


Gavin Rock

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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2 more days

When the Teams got over to Ward house this morning for the festivities, Grandson Gavin had a wonderful surprise for Grandpa (the OFM). Some history is needed. Grandpa gave Gavin a rock painting kit for his birthday.  After the kit was opened, grandpa mentioned he would like a rock painted to be distinctive to have in some of his travel photos.

Gavin thought it would be a great idea to see his handy work on the internet. Then grandpa said that if he makes one he needs to sign it to show the world his fancy work. Then Gavin was really excited.

So today grandpa got a big surprise when Gavin went running into his room and came out with a painted rock with is “signature” on it with this years date. Wow it was a nice rock painted to look like a beetle. A GREAT JOB  WELL DONE.

So now when the Gavin Rock is in a picture, his dad is going to make sure Gavin sees the photo.

Here is a picture of Gavin’s signature. He and I are proud of his handiwork on the rock.

When we got the GR back to the Castle, the OFM started its training about RV Life. First was teaching GR about handling the LPG system.

Then we headed over to the picnic table for GR to meet Sweet Ride, the Teams bike. They said their greetings and the OFM informed them they would be having lots of time together as we toured exciting places in the country.

So far the new Team member is fitting in really well and the Teams are looking forward to GR helping in the having tooooo much fun effort.

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