Nice Morning


Green Delight

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The OFM was ready to cook supper. The fridge was opened and the search began. Ummm maybe that or oh yeah those would be good. And what is that? as he spied the white plastic bag in the produce tray at the bottom of the fridge.

Cautiously the bag was opened and OH YEAH. It was the fresh from the picking on Snow Mountain OKRA. Now you might not know it but the OFM is a MAJOR okra fiend. We had gotten a portion of the harvest last weekend and the OFM had had a major senior moment and forgotten it. Now that is a major sin to forget food.

Anyway out it came  and a quick look on the internet gave him the boiling times and into the pot the delicious pods went. The flame roared into action on the stove and the cooking began. 

Now comes the OFM specifications. Pods 4-5 inches long. Water at a roaring boil. Cooking time about 6 minutes. Check at 5 minutes and every 30 seconds for easy penetration by a fork but not yet squishy. One minute too long and you have slimy green yuck.

Perfection came to the food  and the okra was moved to a plate and laid out side by side. A light butter coating was melted on the pods then a light fresh ground black pepper sprinkled over the entire plateful of sheer ecstasy. 

Nope no pictures, all the OFM could see was fresh okra calling to him. And folks that is one way the OFM comes very close to having tooooo much fun..

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