Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


CFS Tonight

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 1, 2019

The OFM jolted to serious attention when the suddenly remembered thought hit him between the eyes like a 31 pound sledge hammer wielded by a huge gorilla.

We are back in Rockport. The Mexican restaurant near Tackle Town has their CFS (chicken fried steak) special on Friday nights. YIKES WE NEED TO GET ROLLING. And roll we did. The OFM hasn’t moved that fast in over two years.

We arrived in good time with no tickets or wrecks. The special menu was in the usual place on the paper napkins box. Right there on the bottom #22.

The Menu

Sweet tea and special #22 was ordered. Then the OFM set back to slurp good salsa, chomp good chips and relax. 

Before long the feast arrived. Can you believe it the OFM waited long enough to get a picture of the meal.

The Meal

The OFM is historically one of the fastest scarfer downers of CFS in the universe.  And sure enough he was in good form tonight. We estimated that it took him about 18.6397 seconds to get it to the cleaned plate stage shown in this picture of the aftermath carnage.

The Carnage

As soon as this gets published the OFM is headed for the horizontal and complete and total oblivion as he slowly floats on off to wonderful dreams of white gravy and mashed potatoes. Yep good CFS will take you very close to having tooooo much fun. 

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