Goooood CFS

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
Adventure Report Date: November 29, 2019
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It was a really busy day today. The OFM hit the floor in run mode and just shut it down at 1900 tonight. It took a chicken fried steak to shut him down and it was gooooood.

Many chores were completed. Christmas shopping was finished. Christmas cards were purchased. Three drawers were gone through and simplified. No pictures were taken or edited. There is a big pile of pictures yet to be edited. We cannot recall all the stuff done but a couple more Walmart bags of excess stuff did fit into the dumpster rather well.

OH. The refrigerator is running wonderfully. That cleared the OFM Shopping Team to load up the Teams credit card with lots of vegetables to eat. That is going to be great for the next few days.

We have plenty of chores left to get done while the hordes of tourists are in town for the holiday. They have had nice warm winter weather holiday so far. It was 71F when the OFM went out the door this morning. The high we saw on Sierra’s dash was 82F over in Aransas Pass at the Lowe’s store.

With a little luck we will have the presents all wrapped to take to the shipping place by Monday. Getting all the room back from having presents sitting all over the 149 square feet of the Castle will certainly help with the trying to have tooooo much fun effort.

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