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Uninvited Visitor

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas
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Adventure Report Date: November 19, 2019

The long term fight started when the OFM noticed a large critter moving along the top of the bathroom door. Some careful investigating revealed a green anole had invaded the Castle. The first effort at catching it to put it back outside was another of the many total failure things the OFM tries. We caught a glimpse of it when it sped under the living room couch.

It did not show up for a day or two and we hoped it had gone back outside. Then the OFM was sitting at the table and reached down to the basket with the note pad in it to grab a sheet of paper. Whatever he grabs squirmed under his hand. Naturally the OFM squealed worse that his grand daughter Piper. The anole headed across the table and disappeared into the darkness near the table bench seat.

Another day went by and the anole showed up on the window screen of the window by the table. The OFM attempted a grab and got a good hold on the empty space the anole had been. RATZZZ AGAIN. We did not see where it went this time. 

A little later it showed up at the top of the window. The OFM slid the screen open and using gentle waves of his hand scared the anole to the outside of the Castle. The window screen was slid closed quickly and the anole was safe outside where it belonged. And the OFM Teams were glad it made it back into the outside world where it belongs.

 Now the OFM doesn’t have to worry about his reaction while sleeping and the anole runs across his face at 0300 in the morning. The rest of the Teams would like to have seen his reaction but it is probably better we did not get to. It might have ruined the OFM’s chance of getting enough rest from trying to have tooooo much fun.

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